Last updated: 19 January 2010

Library list

Hosted Systems

The libraries in this group are intended to be used with hosted systems. Libraries that access DLLs or shared libraries are strongly encouraged to use the EXTERN library.

  • EXTERN provides an interface from a host Forth to DLLs or shared libraries. EXTERN can be used at least with Windows, Linux and OS/X.
  • ...

Embedded Systems

The libraries in this group are intended for embedded systems

  • ...


The libraries in this group have no dependencies on specific operating systems or hardware.

  • ANS test suite. Widely regarded as the most comprehensive Forth test suite, this comes from Gerry Jackson and is a descendent of the suite by John Hayes.
  • FMS - Forth Meets Smalltalk. It seems that the Forth community will never be able to standardise an OOP package. This is a package using object/message notation.
  • FFL - Forth Foundation Library. A collection of library routines targeted at larger applications. Some need access to a file system and some need floating point.
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This section contains freely available literature about Forth.

  • Forth Dimensions was the magazine of the Forth Interest Group USA. At present (Jan 2010), access through its main server is erratic. We have mirrored it.
  • Starting Forth - Leo Brodie. Sadly out of print, but if you find a copy, especially of the second edition, buy it. A web version by Marcel Hendrix is described as a tribute to this great book and is available for reading.
  • Thinking Forth - Leo Brodie. A PDF of this wonderful book is available for download.