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by Nuno Lopes Ferreira (200 points)
windows exception interception on "5 >r" Err# -57005 ERR: Windows exception

I'm learning vfx forth but I get an error related to windows when i try to send something to the return stack, am I misunderstanding how it works or is it some windows configuration issue?

Also, I cannot seem to save the vfx repl settings after closing, is it related?


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by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
The text you type is converted to a number (5) and pushed on the return stack inside a word called EVALUATE or some such. EVALUATE ends with an EXIT, which is just a RET instruction. The result is that 5 is on the return stack and the RET instruction attempts to jump to address 5, which is outside Forth, hence he system goes bang and shows the exception.

Configuration information is saved in:



VFX should have created this directory at installation. Fill in as many as needed in the Options menu. You may have to read the manual a bit - sorry, but VFX is a big system.
by Nuno Lopes Ferreira (200 points)
I think i got what is the problem, i cant use it on the repl unless it is balanced. Same as in words, when I add values I need to remove them before.

I created the MPE/VfxForth  folder on local and it saves now, don't know why it didn't on installation.

Thanks, I'm enjoying vfx forth so far!