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by Amith (120 points)
I'm trying to build a Forth code to communicate over the serial line from the Windows OS?

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by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
You do not say what you want to with the serial port. To begin, use Examples\remvdu3.fth, which uses a Generic I/O serial driver.
by johntse (100 points)
periodically, i attempted to use VFX for some projects to see if i can use it but each time, i failed because VFX is badly maintained and most examples do not work. a case in point, i tried to use a serial port and have been looking all over for examples to follow, come across this comment and try to do the same, it did not work and shows this
Including H:\MPE\VfxForth64\lib\Genio\file.fth
GENIO-FILE is redefined
Including H:\MPE\VfxForth64\lib\Win32\Genio\serialbuff.fth
Including H:\MPE\VfxForth64\lib\Win32\Genio\terminal.fthWin32Catch is OBSOLETE and removed
 Source: "H:\MPE\VfxForth64\lib\Win32\Genio\terminal.fth" on line 512
 -> win32catch                \ SFP011
i tried to do graphics, same problem. if i cannot even run examples, dare not subscribe to really use it. too bad, VFX seems a very good and powerful development tools but slowly dying. so who is taking over now?  i am now using win11, not much choice, soon, those who cannot migrate will lose customers.
by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
Configure the VFXPATH text macro: Options -> Set VFX Source dir. Quit VFX64 and restart it.

To load the serial driver
  include %lib%/Win64/Genio/serialbuff.fth

Directory names may reflect whether the code is for VFX64 or VFX32, e.g.
  Win64 - 64 bit
  Win32 - 32 bit (may work on Win64 if you are lucky)
  Win - tested to work on both 32 bit and 64 bit.

The vast majority of our porting problems from Win32 to Win64 came from changes to structure layout. See the new A-FIELD word, like FIELD but applies the WIN64 alignment rules.

There are several graphics examples in EXAMPLES\WIN64 and EXAMPLES\WIN

VFX64 for Windows is developed under Windows 11.

You are a long-term SwiftForth user, and therefore one our most difficult users.