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Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64 with i386 libraries, GNU bash, version 4.4.20(1)-release
Version: VFX Forth 5.11 [build 0735] 2020-02-14 for Linux IA32
Description: When vfxlin exits ungracefully (e.g. without BYE), the terminal is clobbered and won't respond to standard control characters (e.g. arrows, enter, ^C ^D etc).
Severity: Low
Replicate: Run vfxlin to generate a back trace, then press E. Terminal doesn't respond correctly to keys until terminal is reset ($ reset).

ubuntu:~$ vfxlin 0 @

VFX Forth 5.11 [build 0735] 2020-02-14 for Linux IA32
© MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd, 1998-2020
 CS=0023 DS=002B ES=002B SS=002B FS=0000 GS=0063
 EAX=0804:A97C EBX=0000:0000 ECX=0805:05D4 EDX=0805:05D4
 ESI=08CD:A000 EDI=0804:A000 EBP=08CD:8FC0 ESP=08CC:8F78
 EIP=0805:170C EFLAGS=0001:0246
--- RS top ---
 $0805:A575 (INTERPRET)
 $0805:A9AF DEFER
Signal number SIGSEGV
at address 0805:170C, probably in @
Press E to exit, R to restart, other to continue: user@ubuntu:~$ 
user@ubuntu:~$ user@ubuntu:~$ user@ubuntu:~$

Fix: Reset terminal on any completion of vfxlin in cleanup.


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by Gerald Wodni (310 points)

yes Thanks for the bug report.

We discovered this issue some weeks ago and upon deeper investigation decided to rewrite a part of the xterm system for Linux to meet the modern user's expectations.

If you want to hot fix this, you can do so by setting up a handler which does the reset. I will keep this thread updated on our progress.