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I've noticed that VFX saves my editor, VFXPATH, and other settings in between sessions.  I'm trying to fix hard-coded default settings, but I cannot find where VFX stores this information.

I did find the word FlushCache that seems to save settings somewhere.  However, I can't find this word's definition since it is not defined through a colon word.

Am I on the right track?

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System settings are saved at exit in a file pointed to by the macro IniFile$  .

To see the path of this INI file, run IniFile$ count type 

by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
Daniel - good self support. Sorry for the delay, I've had family visiting for the last week. All the desktop VFX Forths have a file called VfxForthxx.ini in a directory related to the system. SHOWMACROS will tell you where it is, e.g.

INIDIR = /Users/sfp/Library/Application Support/VfxForth
INIFILE = /Users/sfp/Library/Application Support/VfxForth/VfxForth64.ini

for my Mac. There's a directory VfxForth in a system defined location, and an INI file inside it. The INI file is handled by the code in VFXBase/IniParser.fth and the iniparser shared library (see Tools directory).