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by Garry (160 points)

I am running VfxForth on a 64bit Windows 10 machine.

The 32bit VfxForth has a 12 second startup delay before its window appears.

I've turned off virus checkers and Microsoft software protection service with no effect.

Task manager shows "Native Code Forth Compiler (32bit)" using 50% cpu during the delay. There is minimal disk or network activity.

 This does not happen with the 64bit version of VfxForth. It starts up with no delay.

Anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this delay?



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by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
I have no idea what causes this. I have just tried running the two binaries on a W11 laptop (Ryzen 7, 512Gb SSD). The 64 bit loads in a fraction of a second, and the 32 bit in less than two seconds. Second runs of both binaries start significantly faster. I can only assume that there is a file or memory caching issue.
by Garry (160 points)
Ok. Thanks for looking.