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by Garry (160 points)

I'm trying to access the float ( 'C' 32bit float ) in the following callback.

The callback is called correctly and the two ints and two pointers are correct, but the float prints as -NaN.

CallDef: int scrollWheel-cb( *, float, int, int, *):
    cr ." wheelcb " . . . . f.  0 ;

What do I need to to do to access the float correctly?

I'm using VFX Forth 5.41 on Windows 10.


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by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
I need to replicate this to see if there is a problem. So I have questions for you.

VFX64 or VFX32? I assume 64 and will test on Win11.

How do I replicate this? How do I trigger the callback? Please give code.
by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
No need for the above. I have found an error which will be fixed in today's release.

The new release is VFX Win64 release 4240 or above. It should be available on the website from 18:00 CET onwards.
by Garry (160 points)
Thanks, that fixed it.