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by Mschwartz (110 points)
I use vim or emacs in the terminal, not a graphical version.  Both give me this error.

I would like to be able to: editor-is emacs -nw. It prints an error.

The vim/emacs issue is pretty bad.  I have to kill vfx64 from another window and reset the terminal.  The reset command, stty sane, etc.

This software is excellent.  I am already a fan.  

An MQTT interface would be a great addition, IMO.

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by Stephen Pelc (1.5k points)

editor-is defines the editor executable only, not the switches.

setlocate defines the switches and the rest of the command line.

Which O/S and build number, please.

by Stephen Pelc (1.5k points)
Sorry for the response delay - it's been Standards meeting and EuroForth for the last six days and we're all tired.
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by Stephen Pelc (1.5k points)
MQTT is interesting but there's a gazillion lightweight protocols. I presume an existing broker will do - why reinvent the wheel? What are the clients to be?
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by Gerald Wodni (410 points)
Editors are started in the brackground (an & is appended to the end of the command). This breaks vim and emacs when working in a terminal.
To mitigate this we added a new value EditInBackground? which now defaults to false (no & any more). If you want to use a GUI-Editor like GVim or GEdit, you can set it to true to achieve the previous behaviour. This also allows VFX to receive commands while the editor is being used.
This new feature will be included in upcoming releases.
If you want to pass arguments to the editor, please put them in a separate file which is in $PATH or which you reference as an absolute path to VFX. Example 'emacs-fancy.sh':
emacs -nw $@