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by Gary Allen (180 points)
I need FPCELL set to 4  to match floats read from an OMRON PLC. Was going to rebuild VFX

but the float source is not included with the latest download and the folders and bat files are not there. Could do 4 ' FPCELL >Body ! but thats changing a constant.

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by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
  Lib /x64/ndpx64.fth (64 bit NDP)
  Lib/x64/FPSSE64S (64 bit SSE)

Changing FPCELL is not a good idea. Writing words to convert 80 or 64 bit IEEE to and from 32 bit IEEE would be a better solution.

The VALUE FPSYSTEM tells you which FP package is the mail one. 2 for NDP, 4 for SSE.
by Gary Allen (180 points)
looks like moving away from version 4.71 is not going to be an option as im not going to write conversion words.
Lib /x64/ndpx64.fth (64 bit NDP) is not in the current windows installer
by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
I know it's been a long time. However, there's some confusion because the x64 stuff is for the x64/AMD64 64 bit Forth, and you are using the 32 bit package. Is there any reason why you should not use the provided SF@ and SF! for accessing 32 bit floats? This will also work with the 64 bit Forths.