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by pierre laroche (120 points)
Aide works fine on Windows 7, but not on Windows 10 (1909). On Windows 10, the Forth 7 cross compiler (recent download of the community version) install proceeds cleanly, but running Aide cause the following errors,

- Cannot open comms

- Native code forth compiler has stopped working dialog. Must abort.

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by Stephen Pelc (740 points)
My apologies for the late response. The forum is supposed to notify me of new questions, but this feature seems to be broken. The maintainer will be notified.

I suspect that neither of these is an AIDE issue.

The comms problem is because a non-available comms port is selected in PowerTerm and is saved in the current configuration to be opened.

The cross compiler I cannot comment on because you do not say which cross compiler and build. Again, most of these issues stem from incorrect configuration files. But then, Microsoft may have changed the rules again. I'll try a download on a real Win10 box.