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by Bruno Degazio (250 points)

In VFX 5.41 I'm still having trouble with OSCalls that require or return floating point parameters. For example, the following Cocoa Call should return two floats, but instead returns none: 

COCOA: @locationInWindow ( -- ) ( -- nspointx nspointy ) \ Returns the receiver’s location in the base coordinate system of the associated window.       

This OS call and many others using floats as input or output worked fine in vfx 5.2 with SSE (and the associated Cocoa package from Roelf.)  

In 5.41 I'm using the SSE Float system, which is working well in every other respect. Would it work better with the NDP Float system? OR change back to the previous 5.2 Cocoa package?  
Any advice would be welcome. 
thank you, 
Bruno Degazio

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by Stephen Pelc (4.1k points)
See my answer to your previous question. This answer will appear soon. but is evolving from into
a) diatribe
b) essay
c) philosophical discussion
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by Roelf Toxopeus (200 points)
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VFX 5.43, November 7 2023, has this fixed in KERNEL: Corrected return of two double floats in VFXBase/ExternSysVx64.fth. Current coco-vfx64 uses NDP FP because of speed.