VFX Forth Community editions

These files are released for non-commercial use only using the licence here. Downloading a file constitutes acceptance of the licence. You can purchase a commercial-use licence.

It is our intention that all MPE software will be available from here. If an item you want is missing, please contact us.

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VFX Forths for desktops

VFX Forth 64 release notes
V5 release notes
V4 release notes
V3 release notes

VFX Forth 64 for Windows

ReadMe file

VFX Forth 64 for Linux

ReadMe file
Tarball to install

VFX Forth 64 for macOS

ReadMe file
Tarball to Install

VFX Forth 32 for Windows

ReadMe file Installer

Vfx Forth 32 for macOS: (not for Catalina onwards)

ReadMe file
Tarball to Install
GTK 32 bit binaries

Vfx Forth 32 for x86 Linux

ReadMe file
Tarball to Install

VFX Forth 32 for ARM Linux

ReadMe file
Tarball to install

PowerForth 32/64 in C:
A fairly traditional Forth in C

XVFX Forth 7 cross compilers

Support and subsciptions are available from vfxforth.com.

AIDE is the IDE used by Windows cross compilers. The release notes and executable for the most recent version are available
Release notes

XC7 common compiler release notes
XC7 common target release notes
XC7 ReadMe file
XC7 Getting started

Arm/Cortex cross compiler

Windows installer
macOS tarball including Catalina.
x86 Linux tarball

MSP430 cross compiler

Windows installer

Legacy cross compilers

Support is only available from the forum at vfxforth.com/forum

v6 compilers

68xxx v6.2 with a modern version of AIDE - you'll have to update the AIDE configuration yourself. Works on most current versions of Windows. Download

DOS compilers

These are all 16 bit DOS applications. To run them, get DOSbox from DOSbox.com.

Z80/Z180 v5.1. We have no Z80 hardware left. This is a piece of archaeology from the files on a development box. But the manuals have been converted to PDFs. To get going, run xs3.com, configure it for the Z80 cross compiler and then you can start. DOSbox is your friend.
Download x180.zip

8096/80C196 v5.1. Once a firm favourite, but now a memory with PDF manuals. Run with DOSbox. The file to run is xs3.com.
Download x196.zip RTX2000/2001/2010 v5.1. The Harris/Intersil stack machine in all its glory. Run with DOSbox.
Download xrtx.zip

v4 16 bit DOS compilers

As with the v5 compilers, these are 16 bit DOS apps that require DOSbox to run.

v4.1 manual
M740 and 6502